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Whispers in the Vineyard

Whispers in the Vineyard
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Justin K. Kojok


Romance, Fiction

Justin K. Kojok



Book Description

Despite their intermittent clashes, Loom and Feika's mutual passion for winemaking and respect for tradition kindled a romance that blossomed amidst the challenges they faced. The discovery of family diaries unveiled a history of love and conflict. Nevertheless, that discovery laid the groundwork for understanding, healing, and love.Bravely confronting the past, Loom and Feika collaborated to unite their vineyards. Their journey, marked by innovation, resilience, and community support, transformed their rivalry into a partnership that revitalized the vineyards and became the heartbeat of Domeabra.They ultimately got married and were blessed with a baby girl, Loombik. The novel culminates in a grand celebration of the vineyard's success, symbolizing the power of unity and the enduring bonds of love. They experienced the transformative power of forgiveness and the beauty of a shared vision woven into the rich embroidery of Ghanaian culture.

Whispers in the Vineyard is a romantic story of heritage, rivalry, love, and reconciliation. Loom, a young and independent woman who inherited a vineyard in Domeabra, Ghana, only to find herself entangled in an ancestral rivalry with the neighboring vineyard owner, the charismatic Feika.

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