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Justin K. Kojok

Justin K. Kojok

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Driving for Justice offers a multifaceted reading experience that combines engaging storytelling with deep emotional and intellectual resonance. The blend of character-driven narratives, social commentary, and personal growth makes it a compelling read that many will find both enjoyable and meaningful.

Author's Biography

Justin is the author of three books:

• Driving for Justice.

• Intercessor: A Collection Of My Fervent Prayers.

• Whispers in the Vineyard.

He is an accomplished writer from his formative years in secondary school. His aptitude for writing established a strong foundation and paved the way for his thriving career in journalism. He was a research journalist for a national entertainment magazine, TV & Radio Guide. He was a news editor at Focus FM, a prominent college radio station in Ghana, Africa.

Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Economics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology. He works as an IT Specialist.

His ability to navigate the sophisticated and dynamic world of Information Technology while maintaining a harmonious family life is a testament to his exceptional character and unwavering dedication. His role as a loving husband and father makes him a true inspiration to those who have the privilege of knowing him. He lives with his cherished wife and three children in Virginia, USA.

Books by the Author

Whispers in the Vineyard

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