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The Unquiet Genius
A Classic World War II Spy Thriller
(A Conor Thorn Novel Book 3)
by Glenn Dyer

4 out of 5 stars


The Unquiet Genius: A Classic World War II Spy Thriller (A Conor Thorn Novel Book 3) by Glenn Dyer is a historical espionage thriller set in the World War II period.
With a witty title and captivating cover art, the book can reel in readers at first glance.
The beginning of the book intrigues the reader in a specific way - many questions occur and the interest is spiked from the start. The prologue is done well and accurately sets the mood of the novel.
As the story begins it is evident that the author has a talent for creating suspense and mystery.
The author takes us on a thrilling journey from England to Italy. On it, we can see what it was like during WWII and follow a spy on his mission to end the horror. The plot of the novel is well-researched but yet it stays completely fictional. This is a mix that few can do. There are times that the story has lows as every story has, but then it comes back stronger.
The story moves swiftly, and the pace is good. It spikes a roller coaster of emotions and it keeps the readers on the edge.
The Unquiet Genius is not a character-driven novel. The characters, though well-developed are not the main point of the book. The dialogue and overall communication are not the strongest sides of the novel. Conor Thorn is well crafted, yet seemed a bit shallow at times but that was not an issue, and didn't take from the pleasure of reading it. Ettore Majorana is another character that is quite memorable. The romance is not much but enough to satisfy the readers' needs.
The most enjoyable thing, or let's say one of them, was the author's ability to create the atmosphere - it feels like the reader is there, on spot with the characters. The other that comes to mind is the knowledge the author demonstrates in the language and terms of the time period.
Fast-paced, thrilling, and compelling are the words that can describe the Unquiet Genius the best. Even though it is the third book of the series, it can be read as a standalone.
In conclusion, it is a nice book for genre lovers. It immerses the reader in the plot and reveals a complex and fascinating story.
Rating 3.5 - 4 stars.


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