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Transcending The Matrix


Q. Rigal


Nonfiction, How To, Self-Help

Q. Rigal


Book Description

There are millions of books on thoughts, mind control, power to set your intentions, etc.; the fundamental question is, is all that information accurate? Are you getting excellent and fast results with any of these techniques? Do any of those techniques fit your specific situation? Or are you still looking for an answer? I'm pretty sure your response to my last question is YES. If you are still looking for a solution to your life, I am here to tell you the truth about thoughts, mind, and ultimately the power of Vibrations to Transcend The Matrix and align effortlessly to your unique life. With this transcendent text on Ancient Wisdom, you will unlock the physical and mental abundance, which is your birthright.

Get yourself on a vibe of gratitude, love, trust, and strength, and watch how things turn around fast. In this book, I will talk about how you can go beyond the Matrix and fine-tune your vibrations with the Universe; take control of your mind, present, and future. We have a better life in front of us, and it's time to take possession of it.

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