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Q. Rigal

Q. Rigal

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I was born in South America, Venezuela. Since a child, I feel like having somebody available teaching me whatever I want to know; obeying this “invisible advisor” self-learning, discipline, and responsibilities have been easy skills in my life. I worked in Venezuela in many places, but I had the feeling that I would live in another land. In December 2000, after a tragic flood in Vargas State where I lived with my family and suffered devastation, I decided to come to the United States. I passed through many challenges, but I became a legal USA Permanent Resident, and after five arriving in the US, I became USA Citizen. I was living and working as a slave, being unconsciously part of the Matrix. However, all the time, That Great Presence that I call Y'Shua (Jesus) has been with me telling me everything that I must do. When I started to disobey that Inner Voice in all the ways, my life became chaotic at the point that in 2006, I started working in a Real Estate company where I was falsely indicted and accused of a crime I didn't commit. I paid more than 8 1/2 long years in a Federal Prison, and the initially proposed sentence was 30 years because I took the case to trial. I started my self-studies of the human race, the minds, behaviors, vibrations, frequencies, and the law of attraction. Also, I studied federal, international, and commercial regulations and English as a second language. All studies learn by myself with The Creator's Help. I thanks The Creator for The Power of The Vibrations because I could transcend the Matrix and got sentence reduction miraculously and, after that, an “unexpected” release. This is enough information about me; now, let's focus on you because now the most crucial person is you. I am doing what the Creator is telling me to do; share the techniques and wisdom with you. Here I am to serve you and help you make this journey called life the best experience ever.

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