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Planetary Feedlot

Planetary Feedlot
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E.R. Cook


Science Fiction, Thriller, Action and Adventure

E.R. Cook


aliens, conspiracy, women writers, psychological thriller, space, female protagonist

Book Description

Amy was a hacker living in a van when Operation Whisper knocked on her door and gave her a choice: spy for the government or rot in a deep, dark prison.

Amy chose to go with them and was whisked off to the secret base she came to know as the Hub. The trade off? No taxes, free room and board, and all the junk food and video games her heart desired.

There was just two rules: no asking questions and no contacting the outside world.

Amy knew the officers were hiding a big secret, but nothing prepared her for the day she met Reven and her whole world was turned upside down. The day that would send her on an amazing journey that would make her question everything she knew about herself, humanity and the universe. The day that she would be changed forever.

Once you take off the blindfold you can't go back. Are you ready?

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