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E.R. Cook

E.R. Cook

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Open your eyes to the world around you. Question what you are told to discover the truth. Explore who you are and don't be afraid to embrace who you are, even if others don't agree. Surround yourself with people who embrass and celebrate who you are without asking you to change. Embrace your loves, your passions, the things that thrill your soul. And never apologize for being yourself.

Author's Biography

Welcome to my Author Page. Becoming an author has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl and I wrote and illustrated my first book "Bugtown". From those simple folded over and stapled pages, I dreamed one day of being able to walk into a bookstore and see my book for sale on the shelves. Well, fast forward a couple decades and that dream has finally become a reality, at least in online format.

I love writing sci-fi and fantasy books because that's what I grew up reading. I love the idea of an expanding reality, and asking questions of different situations. When I'm not writing, I really enjoy cooking and artistic projects like painting and pottery because it helps expand my mind and allow me to create new and interesting things, much like my writing.

I also love going for hikes, riding horses, hanging out with friends and riding trials motorcycles with my boyfriend David and hope one day to travel the world and expand my viewpoint and find new inspiration for my books and paintings.

So I hope you enjoy traveling into the worlds and characters created by my mind. Get ready for an adventure!

Books by the Author

Planetary Feedlot

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