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Life Has Other Plans

Life Has Other Plans
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Where The Road Goes Series - Book 2


Adriana Gavazzoni


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Drama, Historical, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Romance

A. Gavazzoni


women's adventure, crime action,

Book Description

In the sixties, Emma Parker leads a double life. Behind her seemingly mundane existence as an architect and mother to her nephew, she inhabits a world of dangerous snipers and secret agents.

Ninon works for a covert organization and travels around the world chasing criminals. She loves the adventurous nature of her career, and she doesn´t want things to change. The thought of giving it all up to marry and have a passel of kids gives her hives. But when her former lover disappears during a secret mission, she begins to question her goals and feelings for him.

In an underworld full of psychotic government officials performing dark experiments, she will have to use all her abilities to survive: to begin to discover who she really is and maybe find a way back to love.


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