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A. Gavazzoni

A. Gavazzoni

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Author's Biography

A. Gavazzoni is a Brazillian Multi-Award-Winning International Novelist with five published literary works within two novel series titled, 'Hidden Motives' and 'Where The Road Goes."


Adriana has become a critically acclaimed, popular steamy romance fiction writer of light erotic with cross-genres of steamy murder mystery suspense, historical romantic thrillers, coming-of-age, and women's gripping crime fiction. Adriana's break-out debut of "Behind The Door," book one of the "Hidden Motives" series, firmly placed her on the literary map nationally and internationally. All her novels are available on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and Kindles, available within Kindle Unlimited. All her novels are featured on online literary book sites, bookstores, and literary magazines.


Born and raised in Brazil, she is of full Italian lineage. She is a Brazillian lawyer and former law professor who writes legal books. She speaks four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and SpaniWhen she is not practicing law or writing her next novel, she enjoys many interests as a very active person and is an avid reader.


Adriana loves to dance, especially the (Tango); she enjoys cooking and loves good wine and food. She believes in exercising along with living a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys traveling and visits New York often, but her "Happy Place" is always spending time with her big family and her pets as a passionate animal lover. Adriana continues to work and reside in Brazil.

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