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Jane Blake 1

Jane Blake 1
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True Sinner


Kelly Shade


Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Fiction

Kelly Shade


Book Description

Jane Blake: True Sinner is the first novel of the Jane Blake series. It is a fast-paced mystery with lots of twists and turns.

Jane, a witty, beautiful con artist, has managed to solve some tough criminal cases while working as a thief in Los Angeles. Her dark history has made her deceitful and cunning. She doesn’t trust anyone and has always worked alone. But this changes when she meets Ryan Gray - a hacker who works as a homicide detective. He is impressed with her abilities and makes her join his agenda even though she doesn't want to.

As she settles into her new life, Jane decides it’s finally time for her to collect the pieces of the puzzle of her past. With a team behind her back for the first time, she’s ready to uncover the truth. Why a man tried to kidnap her as a child? Who was that mystery man who saved her from that horrible fate? Who are her real parents? Why her mentor and his wife were killed when they started investigating Jane’s past? And why did she had to promise not to dig deeper into her true origins?

After she discovers one of her relatives, her search will lead even deeper, uncovering the dark secrets of her family and a criminal conspiracy that stretches far beyond L.A.

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