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Kelly Shade

Kelly Shade

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

Kelly Shade is a mystery writer. Her debut novel Jane Blake: True Sinner is the first book of the Jane Blake series. 

The idea behind the series came to Kelly years before she started writing it. In the beginning, she wanted to write one book, but the story in her mind was way too long for just one novel, so she decided a series was necessary.

Kelly has been writing from a young age. She enjoys writing all kinds of fiction, as well as music lyrics. Her first stories were in the fantasy genre, but as she grew up and studied a bit of psychology, human behavior, and criminal psychology, she found the mystery genre increasingly intriguing as well. 

Though she thinks of herself as a citizen of the world, Kelly’s heart belongs to California. She has lived in several countries in Europe, wanting to experience different cultures, and is currently enjoying life in a small coastal Spanish city. As for the future, she has no idea where the wind will blow her—maybe she’ll get back to the Pacific.

Kelly fluently speaks two languages and a third at an intermediate level. She is a mother of two—a boy and a girl. She and her husband enjoy the fact that they are able to work from home and be together at all times.

Books by the Author

Jane Blake 1
Jane Blake 2

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