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Book 1 of The Ferren Trilogy


Richard Harland


Fantasy, Teen and YA

Richard Harland


science fiction, dystopia, retro-future

Book Description

The setting is the far future, a thousand years after human scientists began exploring life after death, discovered Heaven and ended up waging war against the angels. Now the so-called Humen make up Earth’s military forces, while the original human beings have been reduced to a degraded existence living in fearful, isolated tribes.

The Humen are preparing for their ultimate invasion of Heaven. But then the angel Miriael is shot down out of the sky and crashes to the Earth. Damaged and unable to fly, she prays for extinction.

A young tribesman, Ferren, finds her lying in the grass. She ought to be an enemy, since his people consider themselves allies with the Humen on the side of the Earth. But his curiosity and pity outweigh every rule of his upbringing.

Their unique friendship will change the course of history. But first he must endure exile, explore the Humen Camp, learn the horrifying truth about what happens to those selected for ‘military service’, then survive with Miriael and his tribe in the middle of a stupendous battle between Heaven and Earth.

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