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Richard Harland

Richard Harland

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Ferren and the Angel is the book I was born to write! The first ten pages came to me in a dream long, long ago - I was Ferren, looking out at the war between Heaven and Earth going on in the night sky, seein g the angel shot down and hurtling towards me. But then I had to fill in the background - years of research into the traditional lore of angelology, followed by many versions and many stages as I filled in the world and story. In the meanwhile, I had many other fantasy novels published, including Worldshaker and Liberator by Simon & Schuster in the US. Many awards too, including the Prix Tam Tam du Livre Jeunesse in France. But worling on Ferren and the Angel was a long process, until I finally dug out the novel it was always meant to be! There's a great trailer for it at

Author's Biography

Richard was born in Yorkshire, England, then migrated to Australia at the age of twenty-one. He was always trying to write, but could never finish the stories he began. Instead he drifted around as a singer, songwriter and poet, then became a university tutor and finally a university lecturer. But after twenty-five years of writer’s block, he finally finished the cult novel, The Vicar of Morbing Vyle, and resigned his lectureship to follow his original dream.

Since then, he’s produced seventeen books of fantasy, SF and horror/supernatural, ranging from Children’s to Young Adult to Adult. Best known internationally for Worldshaker and its sequels, he’s won many awards in France and Australia.

He lives with partner Aileen near Wollongong, south of Sydney, between golden beaches and green escarpment. Walking Yogi the Labrador while listening to music is his favourite relaxation—when he’s not writing like a mad workaholic, catching up on those wasted twenty-five years …

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