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Ian Miller

Ian Miller

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Author's Biography

Ian Miller was born in Hokitika, New Zealand, about the same time as the landing at Guadalcanal. He majored in chemistry and the University of Canterbury, and while a student, as a result of a bet with some women arts students, wrote his first novel during the summer break when he was not working in a freezing works. The novel got three rejections and for the time being, he gave up.

Ian then travelled for experience and work, and in August, 1968 went behind the Iron Curtain, visited Auschwitz when it was still essentially abandoned and came into Czechoslovakia with the Russian invasion forces. Three entries in his blog, ( describe some of the events. He returned to New Zealand working for the national chemistry laboratory and became involved with biofuels as a response. When a Synthetic Fuels plant was set up by the government, Ian was part of a small group who set up a company to make high temperature plastics out of a byproduct but the venture failed when the Synthetic Fuels plant changed production.

Ian is now retired and fills in time writing and composing music, and uses his experience with politics, business, economics and science to write futuristic science fiction as well as scientific ebooks. Currently, he has self-published 5 scientific ebooks and 14 novels, three of which are more thrillers with a touch of new technology. His aim is to entertain, but also to give an indication of what science is really about. His books are listed on his website

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