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Ian J. Miller


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller

Ian Miller


Book Description

Science fiction with, like “The Martian”, a touch of real science, and in this case, some of what would be involved in asteroid mining.

When a trial to cover-up a corporate failure ends Captain Jonas Stryker's career, he is invited by a very rich but dying man to humour his desire to go asteroid mining. Stryker soon learns this is really an expedition to expose a ruthless, shadowy organization with limitless funds called The Board, which aims to overthrow the Federal government or corrupt them so badly The Board can manipulate the economy for their own benefit. The first step of The Board is to control space, and to do this they employ space piracy, terrorism, and even weaponised asteroids.

Stryker soon learns that The Board wants him killed, while a young female SCIB police agent wants retribution against him for having her career spoiled at his trial. As Stryker struggles to stay alive, he becomes the only chance to prevent The Board from overturning the Federation Government and imposing a Fascist-style rule.

A story of greed, corruption and honour, combining science and visionary speculation that goes from the high frontier to outback Australia.

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