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Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business
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Tricia Daniels



Tricia Daniels



Book Description

UNFINISHED BUSINESS will be published October 3rd, 2023. Just in time for you to add it to your spooky month TBR. This is not a horror or paranormal story. It's a traditional Tricia Daniels romance with just a little sprinkle of universal intervention. You can preorder from now until release day for 99 cents USD. Slightly higher in Cad. Available on most digital platforms.

I’ve had intuitive moments since I was a little girl. My siblings don’t seem to share the gift, if you can call it that. If they do, they’ve kept it a secret. When I was a teenager, my overthinking complicated things. I avoided Alex for more than seventeen years because of it. I made some bad decisions back then because I never really understood my gift until I was older. As the stars finally align, the universe pushes us back together and a new destiny begins to unfold. Twists and turns in the road being laid out before us will force us to face our fears and insecurities. And this time I sense Alex and I aren’t the only ones with unfinished business.

What to Expect:

- Hometown romance

- Moderate heat level

- Funny moments

- Pinch of intrigue

- Magical moments that make you go... hmmmm. The supernatural trademark you've come to expect from Tricia Daniels.

- All the feels

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