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The Secret at Nizhoni Toh

The Secret at Nizhoni Toh
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A Novel of the Southwest


Wayne Winterton


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery

Wayne Winterton


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Romance

Book Description

This is a multicultural love story wrapped in a treasure that dates to the time of the Spanish Conquistadors. Grace Garretson, a transplant from Cleveland, Ohio, and Kee Notah, a boy from the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico meet, fall in love, and raise a daughter, Rena. Grace, a courier service driver is robbed of priceless museum artifacts, the keys to a 400-year-old cache of coins and gold on the Navajo. The thieves' quest for the treasure is thwarted by fifteen-year-old Rena's discovery of a secret that dates to the time of the Anasazi. Not only are the stolen artifacts recovered, but a forty-year-old murder inside a trading post is solved, and a revelation grows from the experience that changes the personal lives of the Notah family, The Secret at Nizhoni Toh is appropriate reading for young adults through seniors.

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