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The Big City Of Love

The Big City Of Love
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Ron Spates


Fiction, Fantasy, Self-Help

Ron Spates


Book Description

The real meaning of love is still a mystery for many people and this book “The Big City of Love” is going to reveal it in an interesting manner. The story is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction leading towards the distant city of love. The story revolves around different characters. Some mysterious ways are elaborated that might lead you to The Big City of Love. The court of the City of love has unique rules and broken hearts are healed there. You will meet the Honorable Judge Adam and his twenty year old beautiful wife who cheats on him often. A school teacher Tracy searching for true love and her failure in love matters and misery as well. The story of Tammy who is a widow and mother of three searching for the real meaning of love and a lovable human being. The story of a bisexual lover, Star with her husband unaware of her affair with another girl named princess. The sugar daddy is happy to pursue women with beautiful figures and ready to invest in big gifts. While on another side of the city, T.J is a sarcastic lover and believes to have a new girl every week. The ending lines would reveal the real meaning of love and you will find The Big City of Love ultimately…

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