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Strong as a Pharaoh

Strong as a Pharaoh
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Alison Lohans


Romance, Travel, Fiction



second chance at love, older couple find new love, travel romance, healing from trauma, rebuilding self-esteem

Book Description

Megan, a blocked mystery writer, is still recovering from the suicide of her emotionally-abusive husband. Will a tour of Egypt help rebuild her feelings of self-worth? It might even help break through the paralytic writer's block that's gripped her for several years...

Daniel, a choir director and music professor, is just finishing up a sabbatical at Oxford. Before returning home, he signs on for a tour of Egypt, which has been on his bucket list for a long time. He still has no idea why his mentally-ill ex-wife left him years ago, taking their daughter with her...

But this tour of Egypt offers up far more than the promised travel itinerary. Screams punctuate the night as traumatic memories loom large in nightmares, and things only get worse when they witness a tragic hot air balloon crash. Vendors are aggressive and sometimes scary to deal with.

Will Megan and Daniel get a second chance at love? Especially when his mentally-ill ex turns up on the same Nile River cruise, clearly no longer taking the meds that kept her stable. And she even seems to want Daniel back...

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