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Spirituality 104: Lessons of Love From the School of Life

Spirituality 104: Lessons of Love From the School of Life
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Reflections in My Magical Mirror


Ivan Figueroa-Otero MD


Drama, Body / Mind and Spirit, Self-Help


Book Description

If you could know all the wisdom obtained from the lessons of your school of life reflected in the magical mirror of your mind,


In Spirituality 104, Iván Figueroa-Otero, MD, offers us a curated collection of the wisest quotes from his School of Life trilogy, with loving messages about a variety of aspects of our existence. If we practice them, they could help us find the emotional, physical, and spiritual health we all aspire to. Figueroa-Otero explains each quote and provides exercises to integrate the message into our daily lives. If you read his previous books, this book will help you refine the concepts and practice their teachings. If you have not read them, here is a practical and concrete guide to receive the most important messages for your progress.

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