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Second Chance Inn

Second Chance Inn
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Marlayne Giron


Fiction, Romance


Amish, Contemporary

Book Description

Rachel Winston is suddenly and tragically widowed in her early 30s. She and her adopted, teenaged daughter, Karen, are forced to leave everything behind in Southern California. She purchases an Amish farmhouse in Lancaster County, PA to open an Amish-style Bed & Breakfast Inn. The farmhouse she purchases was put on the market by a young Amish widower, Samuel Miller, who recently lost his wife and five children in a buggy accident. He has moved into the Dawdi house to maintain the farm and Rachel happily cooks, cleans, and does his laundry in exchange for his help.

Thrown together by tragic loss, their mutual suffering draws them together against the rules of his community. Solace and friendship soon turn into something deeper, putting him at great risk for shunning. Rachel struggles to adapt while her daughter finds it easier to fit in to the Amish lifestyle.

Will Rachel succeed in becoming Amish so she can be with Samuel, or will their blossoming relationship doom them both as outcasts?

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