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Of Demons and Dragons

Of Demons and Dragons
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An Illustrated Epic Fantasy


Bil Richardson


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy, Teen and YA, Art

Bil Richardson


Book Description

A demon leads a frightening army that is destroying everything in its path. King Agar has presided over decades of peace and prosperity. But no one remembers kings who rule in happy times. They only remember those who do brave deeds and overcome great challenges. Agar yearns to prove he is the equal of the great rulers of old, and unfortunately gets his chance. The unstoppable demonic army is coming and he cannot defeat it. His only hope is a magical book with a curse. It causes as much ill for the user as the one it is used against. With no other choice, Agar employs the book to conjure a powerful dragon and then must face the terrible consequences of his actions.

Of Demons and Dragons is an epic fantasy filled with magic, monsters, maidens and madmen. It is a fast paced, entertaining story that contains over 40 full color paintings. If you are looking for a tale that will lift you up and take your imagination to new heights then this is the book for you.

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