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Me Inside

Me Inside
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Martha Miller


Fiction, Crime, Mystery, Teen and YA

Martha  Miller


gay lesbian

Book Description

Young adult mystery with lesbian content.t begins when Jeannie Baker’s mother abandons her at a very young age, which turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. She’s left alone with a father who provides a good childhood for her, with all the things she needs, from blue jeans that fit, to a hot breakfast, and to the steady and dependable life she’s never had. Then when Jeannie is fifteen years old, a high school basketball star, with good friends and a happy future, her father is murdered…

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Miller’s latest novel Me Inside begins when Jeannie Baker’s father gets out of prison for bank robbery. She believes her family will finally return to normal. However, the very next day, while Jeannie and her father are gone, her mother packs up and leaves.
Miller’s novel works on two levels. While it is meant for young adult readers, it will also resonate with adults who have experienced the complicated grief of losing loved ones who made bad choices and have hurt them. Jeannie’s mother returns for the funeral and tries to explain herself and it gives Jeannie a chance to vent her anger in a satisfying scene.

We see two types of adults in this story: those who stay and take responsibility when tough stuff happens and those who run from it. We also get a realistic depiction of the aftermath of trauma borne by those who get left behind. Nobody’s perfect, and everyone in this novel has made mistakes and suffers the consequences.


Posted by
Shawna Maye
Sep 10, 2023
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