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Indirect Work

Indirect Work
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A Regenerative Change Theory for Businesses, Communities, Institutions, and Humans


Carol Sanford


Nonfiction, Business / Economics, How To

Carol Sanford


Book Description

Most Change Theory and Practices are based on false, error filled, and unproven premises.

In spite of claims.  And yet they get passed along as Best Practices. Books are written, programs are developed, by thought leaders, and sold by the thousands, only to fall short of promises leading the business or person to moves on to the next program.

Indirect Work offers you clear and practical approaches to test any change theory or programs for your organization, community efforts or personal growth, before you start or to examine what you do now. It can even help you make sense of past failures. Indirect Work strongly challenges the validity of pop psychology and the damage it causes to human psyche and soul, ultimately, impacting the quality of our Society.

Indirect Work is translated and tested with study of thousands of years of effective change based on:

  • Indigenous ways of living in community and on the planet from across the world
  • Threads that run through wisdom of all lineage teachers across the world
  • Quantum Cosmology about how the universe works on individual, social, and plenary level.

All with case stories to illustrate application coupled with the reflections of decades of use in the last six decades.

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