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Grounded Eagles

Grounded Eagles
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Three Tales of the RAF in WWII


Helena P. Schrader


Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Military / War

Helena P. Schrader


Book Description

Disfiguring injuries, class prejudice and PTSD are the focus of three heart wrenching tales set in WWII by award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader.

A Stranger in the Mirror: David Goldman is shot down in flames in September 1940. Not only is his face burned beyond recognition, he is told he will never fly again. While the plastic surgeon recreates his face one painful operation at a time, the 22-year-old pilot must discover who he really is.

A Rose in November: Rhys Jenkins, a widower with two teenage children, has finally obtained his dream: “Chiefy” of a Spitfire squadron. But an unexpected attraction for an upper-class woman threatens to upend his life.

Lack of Moral Fibre: In late November 1943, Flight Engineer Kit Moran refuses to participate in a raid on Berlin, his 37th 'op.' He is posted off his squadron for “Lacking Moral Fibre” and sent to a mysterious DYDN center. Here, psychiatrist Dr Grace must determine if he needs psychiatric treatment -- or disciplinary action for cowardice.

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