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Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud

Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud
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Sylvia Greif


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children's Books, Fantasy, Mystery, Teen and YA

Sylvia Greif


Book Description

Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud is her first novel in a trilogy and introduces Ela Green, a fourteen-year-old girl. Her first adventure reveals the mysterious bond she shares with Mother Nature and her encounter with the wise-tree. The adventure starts in the present day at Waldegg boarding school on the shores of lake Geneva in Switzerland.

As Mrs. Green drives her daughter back after the summer holiday, Ela has no idea that the discovery of an ancient bracelet and a scroll she found in an antique desk will change her life forever.

The formidable school is the connecting link in a story that will time-travel you through continents centuries and time, in search of the mysterious kingdom and the magical Book of Name, the most powerful manuscript ever written.


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Oct 18, 2022
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