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Sylvia Greif

Sylvia Greif

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

Sylvia Greif is a Swiss writer and animal advocate.

She is at her happiest in the great outdoors, playing sports.

Sylvia walked part of the Way of Santiago in 2018 and  hopes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the near future. Her passion for the environment and wildlife started when she was a child. She grew up surrounded by pets and all kinds of animals and It always felt they were part of her family.

She believes they have shaped her more than people, and the compassion and respect towards them Is without a doubt deeply instilled in her.

Sylvia works  alongside non-profit organisations to protect animal rights, and fight animal cruelty.

She has  three dogs, BV, Shea and Lola. Her other passion alongside writing is travelling and music. She has globe- trotted around the world and is fluent in five languages

In 2014 she released a children's book, Lester's Planet, that tells the story with a paw of imagination, of a little chihuahua with a bottomless stomach.

Books by the Author

Ela Green and the Kingdom of Abud
Lester‘s Planet

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