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Casey's Island

Casey's Island
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Patrick Ford


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Drama, Historical, Military / War, Thriller

Patrick Ford


Book Description

Reeling from a traumatic tour of duty in Vietnam and the loss of his inheritance to a crooked trustee and lawyer, Eamon Casey seeks refuge on a small island in the Torres Strait. Here he finds peace.

But it does not last for long. He becomes involved in the rescue of passengers from a sinking boat. Back on the island, he finds that a foreign power is plotting to threaten Australia and other countries in an attempt take possession of their rich mineral and agricultural resources.

Aided by a young lawyer and journalist, Jessica Bradley, he foils this plot and saves his country from the threat. The two become lovers, and they set out to find the people responsible for the theft of Eamon's inheritance.

Their journey leads them to Italy, where they apprehend the person responsible and hand him over to the police. But will the story end in happiness?

A tale of excitement, love and struggle set against a backdrop of the immense Australian outback and the beautiful Torres Strait islands.

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