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Patrick Ford

Patrick Ford

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Author's Biography

Patrick Ford has had an interesting and varied life. At eighteen, his ambition was to be a regular army officer, but his family circumstances prevented this. There was his widowed mother, two farms to run, and he was an only son. So, he studied agriculture.

He was disappointed but later he said in his unique Australian way, "With my luck, I'd have probably been the first poor bastard shot in Vietnam". He assuaged his ambition by becoming a part-time soldier in his University Regiment.

He has been a farmer, a farm consultant, a teacher and an accountant, but most of all, he is a son of the soil, with a deep attachment to the land where he grew up. Patrick loves history, particularly military history, and he has travelled extensively in North America, Europe. Malaysia, and the Pacific. His experiences have left him with a deep well of knowledge from which to draw on as he writes his stories.

He credits his mother for his love of reading and writing. His current ambition is to share his stories with many people, hoping that they will enjoy reading them as much as he has enjoyed writing them.

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Casey's Island

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