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Badfreaky the cherry snake and the indecisive dragon

Badfreaky the cherry snake and the indecisive dragon
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The life of Badfreaky the witch


Konstantinos V. E. Adamopoulos


Fantasy, Teen and YA

Konstantinos V. E. Adamopoulos


Book Description

Did you at any time of your life turned from a good person to bad one without really wanting to? And after a while from bad to good?

After drinking the same magic potion which made her very bad, suddenly Badfreaky becomes very good. She begins a battle to achieve what she wants very most. The trials begin...

A humongous monster eats her, a gigantic crab threatens her, huge pitch-black spiders want to cut her into pieces, disgusting cockroaches want to eat her alive, a ginormous snake, mad about cherries swallows her and bloodthirsty dragons want to burn her with the fire that comes out of their mouths!

How will she and Kixy, her beloved friend, deal with all these dangers?

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