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Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Never undervalue or underestimate the benefits of travel and of living in another culture.. Being in another culture allows you to see yourself differently. That was my experience in the 10+ years I lived in France. It allowed me to look at things in my past and understand them much better. It also allowed me to create. The source of Beautiful Imperfections was a winter time writing spree from my days living in Avignon, a medieval city on the banks of the river Rhone. I hid myself away almost every morning for several months at a café called Le Conservatoire, had a grand crème coffee and a pain au chocolat and brought forth a novella. Soon I will be on my way to Egypt to walk in the footsteps of Pharaoh Seti I in his temple in Abydos. Ah, the writing life!

Author's Biography

I have been an art lover and museum visitor since I was nine years old. Wherever I have lived, I have been involved in the arts, its beauty and its history. It all got started with the ancient Egyptian collection that was in the Joslyn Museum when I was a child in Omaha. Therefore, it is not odd that my latest work is a novel set in the time of Ancient Egypt's 19th Dynasty and The Great Temple of Abydos, built by Pharaoh Seti I. As a painter, writer, and educator, I have loved studying art and history as well as traveling to places to see famous works. Having been educated in Canada, (University of Toronto), having traveled and studied in Mexico (Universidad de Guanajuato), and having lived and studied art history in France (Avignon Musée de Petit Palais), I can say that I have enjoyed art in its many forms and cultural sources and that I love writing about it, as evidenced by my novella, Beautiful Imperfections, and the current work, Temple in the Sand.

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