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Rana Boulos

Rana Boulos

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

Rana Boulos, now an award-winning children's author, found her passion in educating and touching children's lives through her previous roles of an Elementary School teacher and Preschool owner.


Her aim as an author is to educate children through fun and engaging stories such as her debut publication Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey and the rest of the Nature Speaks Series: Vladimir the Volcano: A Tale of an Unforeseen Eruption and Tamara the Tornado: A Hero in Disguise.


Rana does her best writing in a café within the view of the sea, or in her cosy home in the United Arab Emirates, where she has been residing for twenty-two years.


Rana understands the importance of education and its delivery in an accessible manner. She loves the children’s smiles, giggles and wonder when she reads her books. Parents, educators, and librarians use her stories as an introduction to Weather and Earth Sciences.


Rana hopes to continue to do her part in sparking an ardent interest for knowledge in children all over the world



Books by the Author

Vladimir the Volcano
Tamara the Tornado
Spencer the Spark
Pearl the Raindrop

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