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Pemulwuy Weeatunga

Pemulwuy Weeatunga

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My people, the ancient first people of this land Australia have faced more hardship than most contemporary Australians will ever know: 50+year droughts, Megafauna, volcanic activity and the 2nd Ice age - for instance. Not only have 'we' adapted and survived each new event and climatic change in Australia, but have once again begun to flourish in the 'new' society in all strands of modern life and all within two centuries of massive change from 100,000 years of traditional lifestyle. NB* Unlike many indigenous races worldwide, without using terrorism to regain equality.


The Fethafoot Chronicles stories are not mine. They came to me via the Great Spirit of our wonderful land. I was merely a conduit that knew English and could type (8-finger-style lol). I did no story planning, gave no forethought to characters, nor thought beforehand where the story would be set. I merely sat and began to use the English language to tell stories about my wonderful, adaptive, creative people. I wrote the first four stories in a month, without thinking or blinking. I wrote and finished the next six tales while travelling Australia, in a sedan with my dog (a loyal, warm-hearted red-cattle dog), after a major personal life-shock and, was driving through/camping in the lands I word-painted into the later tales.


I hope you enjoy the stories and that FfC will inspire the moral and ethical aspects of each spirit that may read them.


Pemulwuy Weeatunga - masquerading as John M Wenitong


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Galku's Revenge

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