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Patty Lesser

Patty Lesser

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Author's Biography

In 1980, Patty Lesser had the extraordinary opportunity to meet with Irving Layton, the writer-in-residence at the University of Toronto. He advised that, while she was a good writer, she needed to experience life. She explained her dream to live and work a year in every country, and he said, “Go. Then come back and write.”

She took his advice and, for twenty-five years, Patty travelled the world, learning about other cultures, languages, and ways of life. Her love of travel gives her novels a world view and rich texture, influenced by the places she has visited, including Israel, Egypt, England, Holland, Belgium, USA, Australia, and her native Canada.

She did come home and write. Patty is a prolific author with eight novels and two non-fiction books to date. Covering themes of love, loss, mystery, murder, the paranormal, and coming-of-age, Patty’s novels continue to thrill readers thanks to her ability to craft unusual characters and place them in unique circumstances. Fans of her popular science fiction novels have appealed for more and will be satisfied when the third book in the Coma Kids series is published in 2021.

This fall, Patty will release The Devil, Angels, and Demons, a paranormal fantasy about a bipolar woman who changes her life when she saves the souls of good people being imprisoned by a demon. Also to be released soon is Devouring Time, a murder mystery involving a Toronto family embroiled in the art world.

When Patty is not writing books, she volunteers in the emergency department of the Brantford General Hospital, as a volunteer reporter at the Grand River Community Centre, and helps out the SPCA with fundraising and animal clinics.

With an active imagination and love of words, she is just getting warmed up for a career as a novelist.

Books by the Author

The Devil, Angels, and Demons

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