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Nancy Polk Hall

Nancy Polk Hall

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Call of the Blckbird was a fun book to write. It had swirled in my head for many years, and I had traveled in France and fell in love with the area around the Tours de Merle in south central France. Follow Carrie as she must solve a mystery from World War II after she befriends a French boy who goes missing. I hope you have a chance to curl up and enjoy this adventure.

Author's Biography

Nancy Polk Hall wandered through palaces, churches, and museums as a child living in Europe, with a vivid imagination of the stories and the people who had come before. A life of extensive travel throughout Europe and the United States has afforded Mrs. Hall to continue her stories, now writing them down to share with us all. When not traveling, she lives with her husband, Danny, and their dog, Button, in their historical home in Galveston, Texas.

Books by the Author

Call of the Blackbird

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