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M. K. Theodoratus

M. K. Theodoratus

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

M.K. Theodoratus is a northern California native who fell in love with fantasy fiction after discovering comic books and the magical land of Oz. Her early inspiration came from some of her favorite authors like A. Merritt, Andre Norton, Catherine L. Moore, and Fritz Lieber. She has navigated many fantasy worlds since her teenage years and now spends her time creating her own alternative worlds.

Her worlds include that of Andor where demons prey. There’s also the Far Isle Half-Elven where M.K. explores the social and political implications of genetic drift on a hybrid elf/human people.

When M.K. isn’t writing, she enjoys disappearing into other writer’s worlds. Among her current favorites are Lee Child, Patricia Briggs, Sharyn McCrumb, Neil Gaiman, and Carol O’Connell.


She now makes her home in Colorado where she is always happy to discuss magic and mayhem with anyone who will listen. You can learn more at her author website:

Books by the Author

The Pig Wars

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