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The Pig Wars

The Pig Wars
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A Tale of the Half-Elven


M. K. Theodoratus


Fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Women

M. K. Theodoratus


Book Description

She fought to build a home. Now, she must fight to protect it…


Beautiful and skilled Lady Renna has seen the horrors of war. As a hero of the Rebellion, she lent her magic abilities and elven cunning to the cause, and helped forge a safe haven for magic wielders across the land. Now, she just wants to live a quiet, peaceful life, and tend to her estate. But Lord Gorsfeld, the sinister ruler of a nearby port, has other plans. An arrogant, conniving man with political ambitions, he seeks to annex both Lady Renna’s land, and her magical talents, to aid his rise to power. But when Renna is forced to stand witness against Gordfeld’s crimes, it triggers a deadly feud, with the potential to explode into a new war…


Forced to resort to forbidden elven magic to defend her home, Renna soon finds herself at odds with the powerful rulers of the realm. And as penance, Gorsfeld is allowed to lay claim to that which she holds most dear…


But Renna has battled injustice before. And her fight has only just begun…

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