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Joseph Hagen

Joseph Hagen

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Author's Biography

A long-time lover of all things supernatural and spooky, Joe consumed Stephen King and Anne Rice books as soon as he could read them. He was first inspired to put his own words to the page by his children. Joe worked for 40 years for the Federal Court system and was exposed to numerous characters. Before before beginning his career as a published author, Joe spent hours concocting creative bedtime stories to regale his children, family, and friends. It was during these early years that Joseph Hagen's "Two-Word Stories" were born— his children gave him two words and he incorporated them into an adventure for them.

Inspired by his children's reactions and fondness for his bedtime stories, and by their wishes to hear them again and again, Joe began committing his stories to paper. He then expanded into his own favorite genres, creating suspenseful and supernatural stories such as a werewolf series, Moonrise and Wolf Hunt, and an acclaimed collection of short fiction works, Reasons to Leave a Light On. These books, along with Dark Tunes, his first in a series of vampire novels collaborating with TM Kehoe, are all available in print as well as eBook format. Joe's works can be found at and you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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