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J.M. Chrismer

J.M. Chrismer

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

The personalities of Miso and Kili are modeled after my actual cats. Miso thrives on making new friends, while Kili is motivated by treats. Throughout my ten-year tenure as a corporate flight attendant, I've embarked on countless adventures, consistently encountering new friends along the way.

Author's Biography

Introducing J.M. Chrismer, an author and creator based in the sunny city of Tucson, Arizona. With a passion for storytelling, J.M. has spent the last few years crafting captivating short stories and designing delightful coloring books for readers of all ages.

J.M.’s creativity doesn’t stop there. For almost a decade, she has also been working as a corporate flight attendant, taking to the skies and bringing smiles to the faces of children on board. It is during these flights that J.M. has the pleasure of entertaining young passengers with her enchanting tales.

Books by the Author

Miso and Kili's Flying Adventures: New Island Friends

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