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Ivan Figueroa-Otero MD

Ivan Figueroa-Otero MD

Few Words From the Author/Publisher:

Author's Biography

Iván Figueroa Otero M.D. FACS, FAAMA

A vibrant 76-year young retired academic Pediatric Surgeon, who instead of hanging up his

gloves, decided to take new challenges to keep his mind trained by starting to practice holistic

medical care and Chinese style acupuncture, based on his holographic view of disease and to

write self-help and spirituality books at 70 years. He decided to share his spiritual journey in a

series of book trilogies he designed to help others pass their final exam in what he calls the

school of life. From his own experience and from his eclectic learning from most religious

traditions, he has developed a self-learning curriculum, that allows “students” to set their own

learning pace without copying from each other’s exams. He enjoys blending science and

spirituality in a harmonic dance that needs the cooperation of both to step into the rhythm of


After his success in sharing his message in his bestselling first trilogy, he has just finished his

Spirituality 104, as a transition book to the next trilogy, so that it serves a review to his

followers and an introduction to those that want to join his classes. Some future glimpses of his

tittles are, Spirituality 201: Healing the Cancer in our Genes, Subtitle: by Reversing the

Epigenetic Sins of our Ancestors, Spirituality 202: Discovering the Inner Healer: A Self-Healing

Manual for Therapists and Spirituality 203: Universe in its Great Perfection: Observing Life As It

Is and Not As We Would Like to See It. To keep up to date with my journey go to or contact me at

Books by the Author

Spirituality 104: Lessons of Love From the School of Life

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