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Andrew W. Pearson

Andrew W. Pearson

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While working in Hollywood, Pearson optioned and adapted the novels Open Water, The Sunday Macaroni Club, The Jukebox Queen of Malta, and Scavenger Reef, attaching such talented directors as Kevin Hooks, Fraser Heston, Mark Lester, Diane Ladd, and Jorge Ramirez-Suarez to his projects. Pearson's script for The Sunday Macaroni Club was a Quarter-Finalist in the 2004 Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition and The Flirting Game was selected as a Finalist in the Fourth Screenplay Search Competition. In 2017, Pearson published The Predictive Casino, a book about how analytics should be used in the casino industry. This was followed by other books in the Predictive series, The Predictive Sports Book, The Predictive Retailer, The Predictive Airliner, with others soon to follow. Pearson has also written a series of books detailing how AI can be used in various industries. The books include The A.I. Sports Book, The A.I. Hotelier, The A.I. Retailer, The A.I. Casino, The A.I. Cruise Line, and a general book on A.I. in advertising called The A.I. Marketer.Pearson is also a noted columnist, writing on topics such as analytics, mobile media, social media, and cloud technology for such publications as The Journal of Mobile and Social Media Marketing, The Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, ComputerWorld HK, and The Mobile Marketer. Pearson is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Mobile and Social Media Marketing, as well as the president of the Advanced Analytics Association of Macau.An avid traveler, Pearson is a sought-after speaker, lecturing on such disparate topics as AI + ML, casino and mobile marketing, data analytics, social media and interactivity. If he's not pounding the pavements of Hollywood, he's probably meandering through the labyrinthine streets of Hong Kong's Lang Kwai Fong, or tearing up useless betting slips at Happy Valley (perhaps the most perfectly named racecourse in the world (for some)), or dining at a hawker center in Singapore, or wandering through tall safari grasses in South Africa, or grabbing some lechon at a bustling outdoor food market in Manila, or doubling down at the gaming tables in Macau. Basically, Pearson's trying to find the next great story that the world doesn't yet know that it desperately wants to see...

ANDREW PEARSON was born in Pakistan, grew in Singapore, and was educated at boarding schools in both England and America. With a degree in psychology from UCLA, Pearson has had a varied career in IT, marketing, mobile technology, social media, esports, and entertainment.

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