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Zeus to Infinity

Zeus to Infinity
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A Galactic Thriller


Rodzil LaBraun


Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller

Rodzil LaBraun


Book Description

A Galactic Era Thrill Ride!
Zeus to Infinity is a space opera mystery with a healthy dose of action, adventure and romance.

Anders' wife Braylyn is missing. She didn't show up for their lunch date, or their anniversary dinner that same evening. On the massive quadruple wheel of Zeus Station in the Sirius system, being unreachable by wrist-comm for an extended period of time is quite unusual.

Something had happened to her.

When the station police consider Braylyn a prime suspect in an embezzlement case, Anders reconsiders what he actually knows about his wife. Very much in love the couple was about to take their trial marriage to the next level. Was this poor timing or strategically planned?

Determined that his wife was kidnapped and framed for the crime, Anders sets off on an amazing adventure that allows no return to his former life.

Incredible world-building. Compelling characters. Zeus to Infinity is an action-packed, addictive tale of how love and the questionable decisions that it produces can dramatically change your future.

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