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Words Never Spoken: A Poetry Journal for Healing

Words Never Spoken: A Poetry Journal for Healing
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A Poetry Journal for Healing


Cheryl Denise Bannerman


Fiction, Poetry, Women, Self-Help

Cheryl Denise Bannerman


Book Description

An Inspirational Poetry Book & Winner of the 2018 Book Excellence Award

"...a powerful account of ambition and hope, despair, and rejuvenation...Readers should anticipate a gritty, determined, street-wise voice to these poems..." - Diane Donovan/San Francisco Relocated

It is often the unspoken words that hurt us the most.

In order to break the silence of abuse, we must find our voice again.

After suffering through a failed marriage and difficult divorce, the main character searches for and finds ‘Mr. Wonderful’. But appearances are not what they seem. Life with Mr. Wonderful quickly catapults her into a world of addictions, infidelities, and crushing depression.

Author and Editor, Diane Donovan, of San Francisco Relocated, describes the book as “a powerful account of ambition and hope, despair, and rejuvenation”…“documented in verse and accompanied by black and white line drawings…”

Do you need healing from hidden abuse? If you are or ever have been in a tumultuous relationship where abuse or addictions were an issue, this single mom journal of Words Never Spoken will help you begin the healing process.

As each chapter ends, you will be challenged to relate the stories to your own personal experiences, taking pen to paper, and answering the questions on the journal lines provided, as well as through the web site’s intimate blog discussions.

Of all the poetry books for women available, Words Never Spoken is the only one with the power to BREAK THE SILENCE and heal…one chapter at a time.

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Very intriguing book.

It is poetry and it tells a story about the hardships, faith and fight of a woman and her child. Her faith, her darkest moments, and her victory truly moved me. I recommend it but be aware it is not an easy read, it is about things that are important and heavy. It is full of meaning and enlightenment.

Posted by
Sep 26, 2022
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A poetry book worth your time. I immensely enjoyed reading Words Never Spoken. It was moving and it touched my soul. The book is written fantastically it is so real and honest. The subjects are ones we don't speak enough about it spreads awareness and inspires. I highly recommend this book.

Posted by
Mitchell Long
Sep 26, 2022
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Filled with emotion

Words Never Spoken by Cheryl Denise Bannerman is a book filled with emotion. The author, I believe, is a woman that has been hurt and went through a lot but found her way and wants to empower others through her words. I'm glad I read it and recommend it to all. 

Posted by
Amanda Hale
Sep 26, 2022
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