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Weaver’s Revenge

Weaver’s Revenge
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Book 1 of the Weaver’s Saga


S. K. Vaughn


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Fantasy

S. K. Vaughn


Book Description

The beginning:

The illegitimate child of a princess with the power of the ancient royal bards is born in a world of violence and greed. The moment his eyes were open his power captured all that beheld him. So began the story of Varnak, one called to be a Weaver.

In the first book, we are immersed in the world of Varnak. In the second book, the power of the remaining Weavers calls on those who still believe. And finally, in the third book,the forces of evil and Cayden, the one who is called to oppose them, come to a dramatic conclusion.

Ultimately, Weaver’s Revenge is the story about a world where The Maker partners with humanity to sustain love in the world. This partnership comes with risks because the free will of humanity doesn't always do what is right. This creates opportunities for evil to emerge through pride and greed, but the Maker in His wisdom created The Weavers to weave the Song of renewal and love to combat the evil in the world. The question is: which will prevail and what will be the cost?

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The book is great

The book is great. I started reading it not expecting a lot but I was very pleasantly surprised. The plot is moving at a great pace and the characters are memorable. The author's writing style is nice. Varnak was the character that I enjoyed the most. I will continue with the saga. I recommend Weaver's Revenge by S. K. Vaughn.

Posted by
Morgan Mcdonald
Sep 18, 2022
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Sorcery, castles, evil and beauty

Sorcery, castles, evil and beauty - a true fantasy the way I like it. This book is adventurous and it absolutely immersed me in the world the author created. The story is well written, imaginative and very compelling. I will not give spoilers but I will say this - you must experience that book. The only downside is that there is only one in the series. I will wait for the sequel.

Posted by
Toby Taylor
Sep 18, 2022
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