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Vashti's Daughter

Vashti's Daughter
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Raven West


Fiction, Historical, Mythological, Paranormal and Supernatural, Fantasy


Jewish Mysticism, Reincarnation, Women and Judaism, PURIM,

Book Description

The Book of Esther, also known as the Megillah, is one of the five stories in the Writings section of the Old Testament. The story is well known to both Christians and Jews as the tale of the heroic Esther who saves her people from annihilation by the evil Haman.

The holiday of Purim is celebrated every year by the Jewish community with costumes, parades and tri-cornered fruit-filled pastries called Hamentashen.

But before Esther, there was Vashti, the king’s first wife. Her defiance of his order to debase herself for the amusement of his cronies led to her being banished from the kingdom. This paved the way for Esther to take her place, and Vashti was never heard from again.

Until now.

Throughout the centuries, Vashti has been both vilified and praised. She s portrayed as the bitch of the land, or hailed as the first Feminist. The argument has been raging for decades.

Vashti’s Daughter definitively ends this debate.

Actual events and locations both from the past and the present, plus several actual religious, astrological and reincarnation authorities, lend credibility to a fictional story that could very well be real.

After a mysterious manuscript keeps appearing at her office and home, Anna is haunted by dreams where she is living in 366 BCE. With the help of reincarnation experts, archeologists and a Kabbalist Rabbi, Anna discovers she is, in fact, Adara, the reincarnated daughter of Queen Vashti.

Risking her company and budding relationship with book’s author, Dr. Nathaniel Braverman, a Middle Eastern Studies professor at Brandeis University, she must find a way to break an ancient curse put on her and fulfill a vow she made centuries ago before her 30th birthday in the present that will finally bring her true happiness in love and change the world’s view on a biblical heroine.

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