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Trial, Error, and Success

Trial, Error, and Success
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10 Insights into Realistic Knowledge, Thinking, and Emotional Intelligence


Sima Dimitrijev and Maryann Karinch


Business / Economics, Science

Sima Dimitrijev and Maryann Karinch


Book Description

We make wrong decisions when we rely on what we know rather well and fit it like a square peg in a round hole. This book shows that a focus on differences between knowledge from the past and the changing reality is all it takes to trigger the process of trial-and-error thinking. Using real-life examples, the authors show how to


· avoid overgeneralization traps,

· create new knowledge by trial-and-error thinking, and

· reduce personal risk and maximize benefits by collective application of the trial-and-error process.


It becomes obvious how this kind of skepticism can be better than a compliant mindset, and better for both yourself and those who live and work with you.

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