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Tooth Goblins

Tooth Goblins
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Ash Toroid


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Children's Books, Fantasy, Fantasy Comedy, Mythological, Teen and YA

Ash Toroid


Book Description

Have you ever wondered what happened to the teeth that you left under your pillow?

When Ellie's older brother turns 13, she wants to see him "transform'" into a teenager for herself. Ellie hides in a cupboard and waits. She is shocked to witness her brother kidnapped by goblins and replaced with a clone.

A passing Tooth Fairy is drawn by the use of magic and gets caught up in the commotion, only to discover that Ellie is descended from the legendary Merlin.

Together, they embark upon an adventure to rescue her brother, whose destiny begins to take shape, as he must attempt to incite a rebellion against the goblins that try to enslave him.

The siblings combine their efforts with the fairies in their fateful struggle against the Tooth Goblins

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