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The Storyteller's Student

The Storyteller's Student
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A Comprehensive Guide to Delivering Stories that Touch Lives and Move People to Act


Ikenna Ngene


Fiction, Business / Economics, How To, Self-Help

Ikenna Ngene


Book Description

Stories not only touch lives, they also move people to act. Imagine this very real scenario - you are asked to give a speech on your best work, after weeks of preparation, the big day finally arrives. As you stand up to speak, words fail you and it seems as if the entire world is against you. You pray for the ground to open so you can quickly disappear inside and yet (fortunately, I should add) nothing happens.
What is the best way to learn storytelling, than by reading a story? In this absorbing tale, you see the simple principles of storytelling in the story of Jack, the accountant who, a chance encounter with a world-renowned Storyteller changes his life. She surprisingly volunteers to coach him into becoming a more confident speaker.
As you walk with Jack in this story, you will learn that the principles of public speaking or storytelling are not new, neither are they complex. It is something which is within the grasp of everyone of us, just requires the understanding that the audience are there for you and that you are the expert. The Storyteller’s Student, contains tips and principles which is applicable in every facet of society.
If you want to learn how to be more confident in speaking as well as to craft moving stories, if all you have been searching for is a book which will engage you fully from the first to last page, this humorous and interactive story filled book is one you can’t afford to miss out on.

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