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The Man of Her Dreams

The Man of Her Dreams
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A contemporary, paranormal erotic romance


Dee S. Knight


Fiction, Erotic, Paranormal and Supernatural

Dee S. Knight


Book Description

Cassandra Hudson has traveled across country to a small town in South Carolina to find a tall man with deep, blue eyes that she’s only met in her dreams. She “sees” that he’s in danger and wants to stop him from a possible death. But more than that, she’s desperate to solve a mystery that involves her husband who has been dead for over two years. Too bad for her, her dream man wants to solve the mysteries of her body more than help her find a solution to her problem.


When Dan Morgan stops to help a beautiful woman on the side of the road outside his hometown, he doesn’t realize that she will drag him into the world of the paranormal in an effort to find out what happened to her husband and the half million dollars he was accused of stealing. What he does realize is the strong attraction he feels for her, despite his distrust of anything mystical, and the undeniable power she holds over him using her sexy body as a lure.


Love—if they can capture it—will make it both easier and harder for them to find the answers they need.

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