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The Lebensborn Alliance

The Lebensborn Alliance
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Book II


Joyce Yvette Davis


Fiction, Historical

Joyce Yvette Davis


Book Description

MURDER, MYSTERY, & INTRIGUE during the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Written by a sixty-one-year-old Grandmother The Lebensborn Alliance begins 11 years after The Lebensborn Experiment ends in the four-book series. Main Characters given the Nazi Serum during WWII: Kapp Johnson, former sergeant of the 761st Tank Battalion Hans Weiss, nephew of Dr. Josef Weiss, Nazi inventor of the serum Adok Makowski, then a 10-year-old Polish boy, kidnapped and sent to a Lebensborn home ------------------------------------------------------------- It is now 1956, and the apex of the Civil Rights Movement. Former U.S. Sergeant Kapp Johnson gets enlisted as Dr. Martin Luther King's bodyguard and moves to Montgomery, Alabama. Hans has inherited millions from his dead uncle, and buys the Vancouver Daily Times. As Managing Editor, Hans sends 20-yeqr-old Adok to Montgomery to report on the bus boycott. When Adok gets involved with the local KKK and goes missing, Hans' prophecy he would one day meet Sergeant Johnson again comes true. Hans travels to Alabama where he solicits Kapp's help to find Adok. Kapp recruits two of his WWII buddies to join the search. Now a team, Hans and Kapp's quest to rescue Adok reveals a more sinister plot that may plunge the world into another global war and eventually lead the alliance back to Germany. In this exciting second installment of the Lebensborn series, the number of people transfused with the serum grows, and so does the threat that their immortality may get discovered.

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